TPx Synthetic Fuel Additives:

Extend engine life and shrink your carbon footprint.

Lower fuel usage by 3%-8%

Lower emissions by 20%-55%

 TPx Treats All Fuels

  • TPx for gasoline and kerosene
  • TPx HD for diesel, F-76, and biodiesel blends
  • TPx NTek for heavy fuel oil and IFO, MGO

One Additive for Multiple Uses

All TPx additives contain oxygen rich fuel stabilizers and detergents to vastly improve the performance of any engine system. TPx additives facilitate combustion, disperse water, improve performance and dramatically lower emissions.

Safe for All Engines

Total Power provides an advanced chemical engineering solution for improving the quality and duration of fossil fuels. TPx has been lab and globally tested to be 100% Safe and Effective.

ecoseal_100 Certified Eco-Friendly

100% biodegradable, TPx fully synthetic fuel additives lower emissions and help clean the air we breathe. TPx synthetic additives outperform ALL the competition both in quality and results.

barrels_subUnique Synthetic Additive

TPx is highly concentrated and guaranteed safe.

Our proprietary formulation aids fuel to burn at lower temperatures. The remarkable benefits start immediately. TPx will not clog filters and stays suspended in any fuel. TPx improves fuel efficiency, cleans fuel systems, adds lubricity, prevents corrosion and bacterial growth, prevents gelling, stabilizes fuel and reduces PM and noxious invisible gases.


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