Diesel fuel additives

Total Power, Inc.

Is an engineering firm specialized in the development and application of strategic fuel solutions. Our products and ideas are applied in industries that consume large quantities of fuel in their operations.  Click here to view our brochure.

TPx - Synthetic Fuel Additives are proven to reduce fuel consumption, improve equipment availability, and reduce exhaust emissions. Clients take advantage of reduced maintenance costs for their fuel system and engine systems. Over a billion gallons of fuel have been treated worldwide!

FMx - Fuel Management Systems are designed to control the largest cost in mining- FUEL! Our fuel management systems monitors fuel and lubricant receipts, dispensing, and inventories. High precision sensors and long-range RFID sensors provide automatic, precise, and paperless capture of fueling transactions. Scheduled and customized reporting provides cross-department, real-time situational awareness.

PSx - PitStop Transportable Fuel Stations allow mine operators to optimize refueling locations in order to slash empty travel time. Our modules package high capacity double-wall tanks, pumps, filters, lubricants and a generator- everything that is needed for servicing modern mining equipment. Keep your trucks AND fuel on route!

TPx Fuel Additives Inventory

Total Power's products have applications in many industries including: Mining, Maritime and On-Road Transportation, Power Generation, Defense, and industries that use furnaces or boilers. Consumers of diesel, fuel oil, and gasoline can benefit from the use of one or all of our products. Our focus is on maximizing the performance and minimizing the environmental impact of fuel powered operations.

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FMX fuel information systems

TPx is being used successfully in Fortune 500 firms, worldwide.

reduce diesel particulate matter

Total Power has decades of experience reducing mining operating costs.

military fuel efficiency

Military operations see improved readiness using TPx.

trucking fuel efficiency

Preventing injecture failure and fuel gelling a are just some of the benefits with our diesel treatment.

railroad Diesel efficiency

Our additives are used in locomotives to prevent carbon build-up and reduce emissions, particuarly on start up.

maritime fuel efficiency

Keeping fuel clean and bright while on the water is critical for safe operations of large maritime vessels.

FMx Fuel Management Systems

Fuel consumption represents one of the largest operating costs in the mining industry. Yet, it is rarely managed effectively. Get control of your fuel expenses with FMx Fuel Management Systems.

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Fun Facts About Us

Did you know? Our TPx Synthetic Fuel Additives have been enhancing fuel throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia since 1997.

  • 24

  • Up to 90%

    Reduction of DPM
  • 3%-8%

    Average Fuel Saved
  • 15%

    NOx Reduction on Avg.