FMx Fuel Management Systems for Mining Operations

Our fuel managment systems are purpose built for mining. The system tracks receipts, dispensing, and inventories of fuel and lubricants for seamless, condition-based decision making. The system optimizes refuling, minimizes human error, and provides clear reports for maintenance supervisors and warehouse personel. Clients can fine tune equipment maintenance based on real fuel burn and trends, rather than time, assumptions, or calculations. The system is capable of preventing unauthorized fueling, alerting, databasing, and historizing.

Systems are built specific to the size and needs of each facility. Most facilities opt for long-range RFID, battery backups, and redundant servers in order to maximize the capability and robustness of the system. Our SCADA based design is scalable and modular, customizable to the specific needs of each minesite.

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FMx Fuel Management Video

Technical Features

Data Back-Fill

Data back-fill technology means your data is never lost. If the wireless connection is disrupted for any number of reasons, each site acts autonomously in order to keep capturing data, and when able to, will back-fill all the data that was not transmitted. At no time will you lose data due to loss of communications with FMx.

Accurate Metering

Accurately measuring flow rates and tank levels is of the up-most importance. FMx includes industrial flow meters and level sensors with 99% accuracy. Our equipment is designed for long lasting use in the most extreme environments.

Event-Driven Protocol

Using an event-driven protocol allows for minimal bandwidth consumption. Only when a change is detected do our SCADAPacks transmit data. FMx is designed to have a small footprint in bandwidth.

RFID Identification

Long-range RFID identification of haulage equipment permits faster fueling and a detailed accounting of all fuel transactions.